Outdoor Rechargeable Camping Fan


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• Portable: Detachable aluminum alloy tripod enhances portability
• Rechargeable: High-capacity 10000mAh polymer lithium battery, 2A input/output port for recharging
• Illumination: Built-in LED light for outdoor use
• Customizable: 3 adjustable speeds to control airflow
• Convenient: Timer function with 1, 3, or 5-hour settings, ideal for outdoor activities and camping trips


About This Item

Introducing our versatile and high-quality Outdoor Rechargeable Camping Fan! This fan features a removable tripod made of durable aluminum alloy, showcasing its high-end quality. It’s a multi-functional fan that can be used as a desk fan, ceiling fan, or hanging lamp. With its timer function, you can easily adjust its three-speed settings for 1h, 3h, or 5h of use. It also serves as a 2A input/output power bank, perfect for charging your devices on-the-go. The fan operates on a high-quality brushless motor, ensuring strong and silent wind power. Equipped with a 10000mAh polymer lithium battery, it guarantees a long-lasting and safe use, making it an ideal companion for your outdoor adventures.

1. The aluminum alloy tripod is detachable design, showing high-end quality;
2. One machine is multi-purpose, can be used as a desktop fan, ceiling fan, chandelier;
3. Timing function, 3 gears can be adjusted 1h, 3h, 5h;
4. 2A input/output, can be used as a power bank;
5. High-quality silent brushless DC motor, strong wind;
6. 10000mAh polymer lithium battery, super long battery life, safer and more assured;

Tripod Camping Fan

Tripod Camping Fan

Tripod Camping Fan

Tripod Camping Fan

Tripod Camping Fan

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